Gurus are bearish on the S&P-500

Dear PGM Capital Blog readers, On Monday, August 15, regulatory filings with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission showed that in the second quarter of 2016, billionaire investor George Soros and Carl Ichan have increased their bearish bet against the USA Stock Market. GEORGE SOROS: Billionaire investor George Soros, who rose to fame and fortune by betting against[…]

Gold and Silver at 2-year High

Dear PGM Capital Blog readers, Thursday, June 30th marked the end of the second quarter and first half of 2016. THE GOLD PRICE: Gold futures advanced 8.5% in June, 6.9% in the second quarter, and 24.6% in the first half of 2016. On Friday July 1st, the yellow metal, rose with US$ 19,09 or 1.45%[…]