PGM Capital launches their first One Ounce Fine Silver Coin

‘Gold is out of the question at this moment for many people and the precious metal silver is the right alternative at this moment. That is why we decided to have our One (1) Ounce Fine Silver Coins made as a solid property everyone should have.’

This according to Eric Panneflek CEO of PGM Capital.

The first coin was officially presented last Friday March 2, during the opening night of the 9th Annual Women Conference ‘About Women and Influence’ to Reyna Joe, the organizer of the annual women conference in Curaçao.

Eric Panneflek expressed himself proudly for having this silver coin on the market with on one side the island of Curaçao and on the other side the logo of PGM Capital. The value of the coin is based on the silver price market, and coins like these are interesting for collectors who are turning their money into valuables with continuing growing profits’.

Panneflek indicated that their company continues to raise the awareness of people on investing and how to manage their asset and wealth and specifically to motivate them to as soon as possible invest their money in precious metals.

9 thoughts on “PGM Capital launches their first One Ounce Fine Silver Coin

  • Dear Eric,

    I hereby congratulate you on this beautiful and valuable silver coin. As a long-time friend and client of you, this silver coin is a very nice token of appreciation. I thank you for your valuable support and advice over the years and I look forward to many more profitable years under your guidance and captain of our financial arc.

    un fuerte abrazo,
    Mark Hart

  • Dear Eric,
    Congratulations, what i most admire from you is your eagerness to look for de best ways to be successful in life and most of all the fact that you want to share it with others.
    This silver coin is one of many acts you have achieved through the years.
    I’m proud to be your client and friend!
    Gera and kids

  • Dear Eric,

    Like they say in Dutch “Woorden schieten mij tekort.
    A combination of great wisdom, hard work, passion for your work, and having a great network of people to support you has enabled you to achieve this great milestone. I agree with what Mr. Mark Hart mentioned earlier,
    …..this silver coin is a very nice token of appreciation……
    With great respect I also thank you for every support as a friend and as my financial advisor

    My congratulations also to Michael for a job very well done.


  • Geweldig Eric..Een duidelijke tastbare Manifestatie van datgene waar je in gelooft. Keep inspiring us!

  • Eric,
    A stroke of genius. Not only is it a valuable coin to have, because its value will increase, but more importantly, it shows that you ‘walk the talk’ and are willing to go the extra mile, on behalf of your current and potential clients, by pointing the way in a very concrete manner.
    Congratulation with this initiative.

  • Eric,
    Congratulations. For having the vision and creating opportunity for those who dare to make the first step to achieve true financial independence …….

  • Congratulations Eric,

    Hard work and passion for what you do really pays off.
    Your determination and achievements have a positive energy who makes impact on any people who ate willing to succeed. I am very glad and proud to have you as my financial guide.

    Keep doing the good work!!

  • It’s great to have a friend like you, with the same value and ambition to becoming BiG players by bringing our Island in the spotlight and making our Little Rock, worthy of it’s name; Curacao!

    Radiant greetings and inspiration.

  • good work,keep on growing these kind of ideas, gongratulations,from me in su, is the coin for sale , how can i get them, great investment.
    good thing to read your vieuws on the world.

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