Bank of England injects 50 Billion British Pound into UK-Economy

Dear PGM Capital Blog readers,
Today February 22nd 2012, the Bank of England published the minutes of their
February 8 & 9 2012, Monetary Policy Meeting, which shows that members had considered increasing its quantitative easing programme by more than the 50 billion British Pound cash injection made earlier this month.

Policymakers voted by seven to two to raise QE by £50 billion to £325 billion, for which 2 (two) policy makers, who argued that a greater stimulus would help reduce the risk of increasing unemployment and businesses downscaling.were calling for a bigger, 75 billion british pound stimulus.


Following the negative GDP Growth of the UK Economy in Q4-2011, the decision by the Monetary Policy Committee for another cash injection had been widely anticipated, in order to avoid another quarter of negative Economic growth which would have plunged the UK back into recession.

Gold, Silver, Platinum and Palladium which were trading sideways the whole morning reacted immediately on the news as can be seen here below.

We believe that the problems of the West are structural and that politicians and centralbankers for political reasons don’t have the guts to tell the truth to their people and to tackle the current debt crisis structurally and due to this is trying to choose the easy way out via stimulus programs and kicking the can further down the road.

This will lead to huge hyperinflation, which will destroy savings, pensions, and purchasing power of the middle-class.

As can be seen today, Gold, Silver and precious metal which are REAL MONEY, that cannot be printed on thin-air, by central bankers, will react immediately and massively on these QE-programs of Central Banks.

Due to this we advise investors and the middle class to exchange their paper or fiat currency for Real Money: Gold, Silver, and other precious metals.

Before following any investing advice, always take your investment horizon and risk tolerance into consideration and keep in mind that the price of Commodities, Precious metals as well as the stocks of their producers can be very volatile and that sharp corrections may happen in the short term.

Please feel free to contact us, for us to talk with you about your future and the best investment plan than meets your profile.

Yours sincerely

Eric Panneflek

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