Gold closed at a New All time High of USD 1,824.90 an ounce

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Today, August 18th 2011, Gold appreciated with USD 35.90 or 2.01 % to close at an all time High of USD 1,824.90 an ounce in New York as can be seen from below chart.

The Word Gold Council, has stated in its report “Gold Demand Trends” that the demand for gold has increased substantially, thereby reducing the inventory of gold available.


  • Asian buying and global economic concerns will drive consumption for the rest of the year.
  • Demand in the second quarter totalled 919.8 tonnes as against the “remarkably strong” levels of 1,107 tonnes in the second quarter last year when Europe’s debt crisis boosted the appeal of the precious metal.
  • In value, gold consumption went up almost five per cent year-on-year to $44.5 billion the second-highest amount ever.
  • Central banks’ purchases in the second quarter more than quadrupled compared to the levels in the corresponding period of 2010.
  • Gold supply was 1,058.7 tonnes in the second quarter, a four per cent decline from 1,108.3 tonnes in the same period last year, as a result of an increase in net purchases by central banks.
  • The strength of demand in India and China, coupled with an overall drop in recycling activity this quarter, demonstrates that consumers have adjusted to the current price environment and expect the upward price trend to continue.

The DOW to Gold ratio depreciated today to almost 6, the lowest level in almost 20 years.

Gold is acting as the canary in the coal-mine and is giving us an early warning sign, of the disaster that lies ahead. Soon and much sooner than you might think you’ll be seeing Gold appreciating with USD 100.00 an oz a day to soar to values beyond the imagination of the common people.

Last but not least, please consider before investing your risk tolerance and investment horizon and keep in mind that the prices of Gold, Silver and other precious metals, as well as the stock of their producers can be very volatile and that sharp correction might happen in the short time.

Yours sincerely

Eric Panneflek

One thought on “Gold closed at a New All time High of USD 1,824.90 an ounce

  • Seeing this chart a few days after it was published and comparing this with today’s Gold and Silver positions, one would shake one’s head and despair at the market’s volatility.
    Does this mean that gold etc. have come to an end of their extraordinary rise? Absolutely not! The monetary conditions as well as the market conditions have not changed drastically. The US$ as well as the EU are still balancing on the brink of disaster, while the US$ has historically already lost moist of its purchasing power compared to gold. This has not changed. It will continue to slide as this is the only way Washington can reduce its foreign debt given the continuous infighting and squabbles in Congress. Fear will continue to dominate the market and as soon as there is a wisp of uncertainty traders will flock to gold again. Now is the time to buy even more of the yellow metal.

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