Market Update

Interesting day and as expected the markets closed in the red towards the end. The European markets are still somewhat in a positive mindset that something magical will happen at the EU summit and therefor the markets were up, but Europe will get a reality check fairly soon.

The big story today was Google and the accidental release of the earnings numbers, which sent the Google shares down nearly -10% on intraday. Then Google shares got halted for nearly two hours and at market close ended at -8.01%.

Ofcourse Google’s glitch had a big impact on all major Nasdaq players and the Nasdaq closed at 3072.87 (-1.01%).

The Euro and Precious metals were down on a stronger US Dollar, but we might see a precious metals rebound quite soon.

Tomorrow we might get a market dominated by the results of the EU summit, but if anything significant was to be said, expect that to be announced tomorrow after market close.

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