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After a busy year of transition and reorganization we want to relaunch our Market Update articles and will start today!

We have seen the European Markets go sideways after Mario Draghi announced that it will continue to keep interest rates at very low levels and that they stand ready to buy Spanish bonds if Spain makes the request. Also no surprise from the Bank of England which kept the rates unchanged.

The US Markets were up as reports on jobless claims and factory orders were better than forecast. The Fed has announced nothing new either and most commodities are rallying because of a lower US Dollar and higher demand. Especially Palladium is up with +3.07% on new unrest in the South African mines, which also has an effect on the Platinum (+1.84%) and Rhodium (+6.25%) prices. Crude Oil is also up with +3.95%, but that can be seen as a market correction on yesterday’s sell-off.

Over the next days, I will treat you with a three part BBC documentary that will show the history, philosophy and ideas of three extraordinary thinkers which shaped our global economic world. We begin with the first part, that is about John Maynard Keynes:

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