Your Total Solution in Financial Advisory “The PGM GROUP” of Companies

Dear PGM Capital Blog readers,

After six months of dedication and hard work I am proud to present to you
“THE PGM GROUP” of companies as your total solution in financial Advisory in the current turbulent New Global World.

We have registered the Name “PGM” and have adapted the objectives of the companies
First Caribbean Securities BV, Solution for Training & Support NV and Himalaya Advisory Services BV, for them to synergize even more. Due to this the above mentioned companies, starting today July 1st 2011, will operate officially under the respective trade names
“PGM Capital”, “PGM Academy” & “PGM Management”.

Our main objective is to offer you, together with our strategic partners, the best advice for you to excel in this new global and turbulent world.

When we say global we mean REAL GLOBAL and as follows:

  • We can offer multi currency, multi market portfolios in the broadest sense of the word. For example, you can have a portfolio consisting of Singapore securities bought at the Singapore Exchange in Singapore Dollars, beside Canadian or Australian securities bought respectively on the Toronto Stock exchange in CAD, and the Australian Stock exchange in AUD.
  • Multi currency savings account can be created for collecting dividends of securities in all mayor currencies and from all mayor markets.
  • ADRs and OTCs will become things of the past.
  • The website of the custody bank is in 3 languages: English, French & German, and very soon a Portuguese mirror site will be available.

As risk management is a Critical Success Factor in these turbulent times, we can offer you the following services:

  • Total separation of your securities portfolio from your savings, current, loan  & Credit card accounts in the broadest sense of the word.  This combination will eliminate the concept margin call from your and our vocabulary forever.
  • Custody at the worlds biggest bank, which is also the world biggest company by asset.
  • Your accounts and portfolios will physically be outside the Untied States of America and located in one of world’s wealthiest countries with a debt to GDP below 16% and a tradition and history of wealth management, secrecy and asset protection laws.

Our new office is located in the E-Zone, at the RITZ OFFICE PARK, Scharlooweg 25, just 5 blocks away from the Central Bank.

We have teamed up with a network of lawyers, tax advisors and trust officers, in order for us to be able to provide you with an ahead- of-the-curve tailor made asset protection solution in the broadest sense of the word.

New internet domain names with E-Mail addresses have been created and very soon we’ll launch the websites and In the meantime these websites will redirect you to

For your convenience, the Domain name and all E-Mail addresses linked to it will remain operational until 2018.

With the above information we invite you to go the next step with us in an ahead-of-the-curve investment experience when together we will create financial security, asset protection, and a continuous learning paradigm, enabling you to be in charge of the realization of your financial dreams.

Welcome to the world of tomorrow



Eric Panneflek


11 thoughts on “Your Total Solution in Financial Advisory “The PGM GROUP” of Companies

    You’ve been keeping everybody on his toes, wondering what was in store for your many clients. And now that the cat is out of the box, the info is even more amazing than you have made us anticipate.
    Congratulation and keep up the upbeat ahead-of-the-curve mood and do not look in rear mirror, but keep your eyes on the road ahead.

  • Dear Eric, Congratulation with this new milestone.
    Your high commitment , passion and dedication for your work, and your efforts in sharing your knowledge with your people is unbelievable. It is great and a honor to be part of your network!
    Also my regards to Michael and your partners who are also part of the succes of PGM Capital.

  • Dear Eric and the rest of the PGM team, congratulation with this milestone.

    I am proud to be a member of this successful team

  • Today July 1st, 2011 there will be a Solar Eclipse, and in the astrology tends to mark new beginnings, most of the time they make us happy. Solar eclipse are almost always positive. A new path is about to open from now.
    Congratulation, you did it again, the perfect date to do your announcement, and the perfect setup.
    Thank you for teaching, listening and guiding me, THANKS TO YOU & MICHAEL

  • This turbulent new global world with hyper-inflation is so different and must be dealt with innovative solutions. I welcome the PGM group for this purpose.
    When the sea is calm there are no bad sailors. But under rough conditions you will need a real captain and capable crew. The members of the PGM group have shown thier capacity at high sea under the most severe conditons. I always enjoy every moment with them on board. They are never boring 🙂
    Congratulations to PGM and welcome on board again!
    Now I have read about PGM and what it can mean for others in this turbulent new global world, I am wondering what PGM means. What does the abbreviation stands for?

  • Eric PABIEN, Congratulations to the Panneflek Global Management team!!!
    Knowledge, dedication, perseverance, and especially deafness to white noise and gossip made you the expert on Global Markets you are today.
    Adding your own young force, Michael, to the team brought on beautiful and fruitful accomplishments.
    I am very proud to be a member of PGM.

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