We offer transparent tailor-made financial services to individual and corporate clients
Wealth Management

We provide timely and unbiased, discretionary investment advice, financial planning services, investment portfolio management, estate and retirement planning, to high-net-worth individuals, families and business owners. Our team of advisors devotes time to fully understand your financial situation, life goals and risk tolerance, when creating a strategy that is right for you.

Hedging & Consultancy

Our hedging advisory services involves detailed analysis of clients’ commodities and currencies related exposures, client specific development of price risk management programs, leading cost-effective implementation and execution of commodities price and currency fluctuation risk strategies, and ongoing monitoring and support of hedge programs.

Asset Protection

Together with our strategic partners, we provide asset protection planning, with the goal to isolate assets of individuals and business entities from claims of creditors, via ​asset-protection trust,​ that hold assets, without engaging in illegal practice of concealment, contempt, or tax evasion.

Financial Training

We offer a broad range of premium finance courses covering, capital markets fundamentals, investment and portfolio management, finance, risk management, asset protection, trading & technical analysis and many more. All of our seminars are led by highly specialized and experienced professionals, each of whom are leaders in their own fields.

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About US

PGM Capital is a full brokerage, financial advisory and wealth management company
With more than 25 years of experience we focus on the very long term

PGM Capital, together with its sister companies; PGM Academy and PGM Management, we form the PGM Group of Companies. With over 25 years of experience and a team of professional advisors, we are your trusted partner, for timely, unbiased, ahead of the curve advice that you can build on. Together with our Strategic Partners and alliances we provide quality, transparant investment management services to Individuals, Corporations and Institutions. Our investment philosophy is designed to produce superior returns with low risk, over a complete market cycle in a tax-efficient matter. Because the various aspects of managing wealth are all interconnected, we will design a total, coordinated custom tailored wealth management strategy including asset-protection trust constructions, to client specific requirements, that addresses the financial concerns at each stage of life. In order to reduce the risk of adverse price movements in an asset, we can provide, hedging consultancy and constructions.

  • Global Mindset

    The worldwide movement toward economic, financial, trade, communications integration, and technological revolution is increasing the interconnectedness among markets around the world. Based on this a Global mindset is essential in creating a globally diversified portfolio.

  • Analytical Skills

    Analytical thinking skills is a critical success factor, to gather information, articulate, visualize and solve complex problems and decision making process, in today's fast changing global world.

  • Fundamental & Technical Analysis

    We use both stock-picking methodologies for researching and forecasting the future growth trends of securities. Like any investment strategy or philosophy, both have their advocates and adversaries.

  • Research and Experience

    Our dynamic and experienced team of researchers, analysts and economic forecasters is at your service in providing you ahead of the curve advise and analysis.

Our Team

We are pleased to introduce to you, our team of dedicated professionals
Eric Panneflek
Eric Panneflek
With over 35 years of experience investing in the Global Capital Markets, he is a recognized authority, with vast knowledge of macroeconomic trends, with several publications on his name and a frequent guest on radio & TV financial shows.
Haidy Tawjoeram
Haidy Tawjoeram
Area Representative
She is responsible for maintaining client relation, organising seminars and promoting PGM Group, range of products and services in Suriname and the Eastern Caribbean island countries.

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