Helicopter Money and Zero Coupon Perpentual bonds

Dear PGM Capital Blog readers, Eight years after the financial crisis, the world’s central banks are trying to boost the global economy as much as ever. Though having arguably prevented financial markets from falling into the abyss in 2008 by lowering interest rates, the central banks are adopting increasingly complex interventions, to which the world economy remains[…]

The Story of the Boy Who Cried Wolf

  Dear PGM Capital Blog readers, In this weekend’s blog edition, we want to see if there are similarities between the story of the boy who Cried Wolf and the the talk of  the USA FED, who is telling us that they are going to raise rates. THE FABLE: The story dates from Classical times, but, since it was[…]

Welcome to the Negative Interest Rate World

Dear PGM Capital Blog readers, In this weekend blog article we want to elaborate on the fact that the value of negative-yielding bonds – both government and corporate – swelled to US$13.4 trillion this week as negative interest rates and central bank bond buying ripple through the debt market. INTRODUCTION: In market economies, money is the measure[…]

Gurus are bearish on the S&P-500

Dear PGM Capital Blog readers, On Monday, August 15, regulatory filings with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission showed that in the second quarter of 2016, billionaire investor George Soros and Carl Ichan have increased their bearish bet against the USA Stock Market. GEORGE SOROS: Billionaire investor George Soros, who rose to fame and fortune by betting against[…]

Gold and Silver at 2-year High

Dear PGM Capital Blog readers, Thursday, June 30th marked the end of the second quarter and first half of 2016. THE GOLD PRICE: Gold futures advanced 8.5% in June, 6.9% in the second quarter, and 24.6% in the first half of 2016. On Friday July 1st, the yellow metal, rose with US$ 19,09 or 1.45%[…]


Dear PGM Capital Blog readers, As can be seen from below figure, in a referendum called “BREXIT”, held on Thursday June 23, approx. 51,9 percent of the people of the United Kingdom has voted in favour of Great Britain to leave the European Union, shocking the world and revealing a divided country. That means that[…]

Highlights of the Week of June 13, 2016

Dear PGM Capital Blog readers, In this weekend’s blog edition we want to discuss some of the most important events that happened in the global capital markets, the world economy and the world of money in the week of June 16, 2016: Germany’s 10-year sovereign bond yield turn negative for the first time. The USA[…]

Are Gurus betting on a coming Storm?

Dear PGM Capital Blog readers, Billionaire investor George Soros and his former partner Stanley Druckenmiller, who made a fortune betting against the British pound in 1992, disclosed on Monday, May 16, big bet on gold during the first quarter of this year this according to their regulatory filings. GEORGE SOROS: During the first quarter the[…]

Has a new upcycle begun for Precious metals?

Dear PGM Capital Blog readers, For investors, the last 12-months and in particular this year has been one gigantic roller coaster ride. We began the year 2016, with the worst two-week start in recorded history for the U.S. Indexes, after the first 10 trading sessions, all three major U.S. indexes were showing losses of between[…]

Have we reached the End Of the Coal Era?

Dear PGM Capital Blog readers, On Wednesday, April 13th, Peabody Energy (NYSE: BTU), the largest U.S. coal miner, filed for bankruptcy, marking the end of an era for big publicly traded companies that have fueled American industry for more than a century. Peabody was the last major U.S. coal miner still standing. Arch Coal, Alpha Natural Resources,[…]